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This is — the home of Symbolic Modelling on the Internet. Here you can find articles and information on Penny Tompkins and James Lawley's Symbolic Modelling and the Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge processes of David Grove.

If you are new to this field, we suggest you allow Penny Tompkins to lead you through the Clean Collection by taking her enlightening Gallery Tour.


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Featured Articles Cutting Edge Metaphors
Some fascinating developments in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive linguistics over the last 30 years have furthered our understanding of how we structure our thinking through metaphor. This article is an exploration of the fundamental role that metaphor plays in understanding ourselves, others and the world around us, and considers how this might be relevant to a surgeon. First published in Journal of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, Number 37, September 2012.
Setting Up Clean Space
David Grove's Clean Space has often been presented as a linear technique. This blog attempts to redress the balance by attending more to the artistic aspect of Clean Space. It examines the role of the facilitator and introduces 'Six Set Ups' and aligns them with the 'Level I Criteria of Competence'.
The Clean Community
Chapter 19 of Innovations in NLP describes the clean community – a "community of practice" created by people gravitating to like-minded people who have a passion for something they do, the desire to learn how to do it better, and the motivation to interact regularly.
Systemic Modelling: coaching for organisational learning
We introduce our organisational coaching process, Systemic Modelling, outlining where it comes from and how it works as a cornerstone of our organisational development work. We present a case study and evaluation of results. We track the shift in thinking of a group of senior managers from a silo mentality, blame or defense culture to networking, collaboration and creativity.  We conclude with a reflection of the impact team coaching had on organisational learning.

Transforming Performance with The Five Minute Coach
How leaders, managers and supervisors can help push responsibility back down the organisation, and to move an organisation from problem thinking to outcome thinking – one five-minute conversation at a time.

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