Learning from a Master

Reflections on David Grove’s mastery published in Carol Wilson’s The Work and Life of David Grove: Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge

Clean Space

The first description of David Grove’s shift to a physical self-organising process. Published in ‘Anchor Point’.

‘If only God would give us a sign’

The vital role of clients’ meta-comments (verbal or nonverbal expressions refering to what has just been experienced) in Symbolic Modelling. Published in ‘Acuity’.

Embodied Schema

Modelling embodied scema will give you something like ‘second sight’ into the organisation of a person’s psychescape (their interior, subjective world), leading to the more precise use of Clean Language.

Attending to Salience

What we pay attention to in a client session that: (1) guides our line of questioning, and (2) gives the session its sense of directional flow.

Coaching in the moment

A model of Vivian Gladwell’s method of in-the-moment directing of trainee improvisational clowns, adapted for developing Symbolic Modelling skills.

Coaching with Metaphor

Are you aware that your clients use metaphor several times a minute?
Published in the ‘Cutting Edge Coaching Techniques Handbook’.

Coaching for P.R.O.’s

How to recognise and respond with Clean Language to a client’s Problem, Remedy or a desired Outcome. Published in ‘Coach the Coach’.

When the Remedy is the Problem

We investigate how attempts at solving a problem can sometimes perpetuate or exacerbate that problem or create another problem. When that happens, the attempted remedy is itself a problem.

Body Awareness

Table of Contents 1. General quotes “Above all learn how to breath correctly.” – Joseph H Pilates. “A man is as young as his spinal column … If your spine is inflexible at thirty, you are old. If it is completely flexible at sixty, you are young.” – Joseph H Pilates. “Proper posture is a […]

BIG FISH in a small pond

Scaling – How people use metaphor to assess the relative size or extent of an experience – how to model it, and what happens when you change the scale of things to come.

Polished Verse

An interview with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley by John Soderlund, editor, New Therapist 2003.

Mind, Metaphor and Health

How to recognise and work within a metaphor to activate an individual’s personal healing process. Published in ‘Positive Health’.

Clean Language Without Words

How to use your voice and body to utilise clients use of space, their body and non-verbal sounds. Published in ‘Rapport’