Category: Case Studies

When a client comes for coaching or therapy with a topic that presents a conundrum, what do you?
"And what would you like to have happen now?" "I want to go back down the hole and pick up the dead bodies there." Bob's affect was at once intense and deeply sorrowful. What would you do next?
James Geary's personal reflections on metaphor and his first Symbolic Modelling session. First published in Ode Magazine.
What difference does it makes to the potential for change when people truly accept their current reality from an authentic, deep and cellular state of being?
An example of a 'clean approach' without always using classically Clean Language questions.
How to recognise and work within a metaphor to activate an individual’s personal healing process. Published in 'Positive Health'.
Using Clean Language to facilitate change through clients' metaphors. Published in Anchor Point
A complete transacript of David Grove working with a 46-year-old female who was undergoing intensive chemotherapy for cancer. Comments by Rob McGavock.