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What difference does it makes to the potential for change when people truly accept their current reality from an authentic, deep and cellular state of being?
What would it be like to look forward to meetings knowing you had a tool to navigate them more successfully?
Are you aware that your clients use metaphor several times a minute? Published in the 'Cutting Edge Coaching Techniques Handbook'.
How to recognise and respond with Clean Language to a client's Problem, Remedy or a desired Outcome. Published in 'Coach the Coach'.
We investigate how attempts at solving a problem can sometimes perpetuate or exacerbate that problem or create another problem. When that happens, the attempted remedy is itself a problem.
Making use of metaphor in counselling and psychotherapy. Published in 'Therapy Today'.
How David Grove's Clean Coaching using EK differs from conventional coaching. Published with Carol Wilson in The Model.
The history and principles of David Grove's Emergent Knowledge process. Published with Carol Wilson in ReSource.
How to use Clean Language in everyday conversations.
An example of a 'clean approach' without always using classically Clean Language questions.