Category: Applications

How to recognise and work within a metaphor to activate an individual’s personal healing process. Published in 'Positive Health'.
Describes a new approach using client-generated metaphors to facilitate individual and organisational change. Published in 'Effective Consulting'.
Describes Gareth Morgan's use of metaphor to analyse and facilitate organisational change. Published in 'Effective Consulting'.
Teachers with exquisite rapport skills listen very carefully to their student's metaphors, dialoging within the logic or frame of the metaphor. First published in New Learning, Issue 9, Spring 2001.
Using Clean Language to facilitate change through clients' metaphors. Published in Anchor Point
A practical approach to understanding students by noting and using their metaphors. First published in the SEAL Journal.
How Symbolic Modelling came into being and ways it is being applied in education. First published in New Learning, Issue 8.
Describes four ‘prototypical binds’, defines ‘double binds’ and summarises a process for facilitating clients to transform their binds. First published in Rapport Issue 47, Spring 2000.
A complete transacript of David Grove working with a 46-year-old female who was undergoing intensive chemotherapy for cancer. Comments by Rob McGavock.
Problems exist within four realms. Each provide information guiding to a solution that is just right for the problem.