Six Degrees of Freedom

The history and principles of David Grove’s Emergent Knowledge process. Published in ReSource.

The first Clean Space process

The first recorded notes of the Clean Space process from a workshop David Grove gave in New Zealand in February 2002.

A 1998 Talk by David Grove

Rare original source material of David Grove presenting his work with non-verbal behaviour and “pulling back” time.

Ann’s Anxiety about Cancer

A complete transcript of David Grove working with a 46-year-old female who was undergoing intensive chemotherapy for cancer. Comments by Rob McGavock.

Paul’s Fear

A complete transcript of David Grove demonstrating the powerful healing capabilities of a redemptive metaphor. Comments by Rob McGavock.

Pins and Needles

David Grove works with a woman with excessive feelings of guilt after previous therapies proved useful for only short periods of time.

Lisa’s Tapestry

A transcript of a therapeutic session by David Grove from an audio and video training package called Resolving Feelings of Anger, Guilt and Shame.