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Welcome to our Clean Collection!

Our purpose for this site is to provide a record of the continual development of the field originated by David Grove – in particular applications of Clean Language, metaphor and Symbolic Modelling.

We created the original website in 1997, so we guess that makes us early adopters!  The site accumulated nearly 400 articles, blogs and resource pages. Transferring them all to the new-style website will take some time. Rather than wait for it to be complete, we are launching the site with about fifty of the classic articles and blogs, with more to be added week by week.

Penny, David & James
Penny, David, James, 2003

If you are new to Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, here are some introductory articles:

And we have compiled a list of over 120 articles published in academic and professional journals that have incorporated the ideas of David Grove – many available for instant download.

And finally, while browsing the site if you come across any errors, typos, and other gremlins that may have crept in during the transfer, please let us know via the Contact page. We’d appreciate your help.

Penny Tompkins and James Lawley