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A full transcript of Clean Language Interviewing (CLI) in action. The annotation focusses on the process of interviewing with Clean Language, rather than the interviewee’s content.
List of over 120 articles published in academic and professional journals that have incorporated the ideas of David Grove.
A review of the key dates in the development of the cleanness rating used in Clean Language Interviewing
How Clean Language is an accessible and useful approach to data gathering through interviewing. Published in Rapport 40
As a coach, how aware are you of how your client and an expert would evaluate a coaching session? Does knowing your client and an expert's opinion affect your own evaluation?
Introducing Modelling Shared Reality, a new qualitative research methodology which is rooted in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. Published in Kwalon.
This study investigated the effects on well-being of using clean language to explore employees’ experiences of organisational change at its best in a UK Health Authority facing rapid change.
Using Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language as a research method to gather information through interviews about how coachees evaluate being coached.
How to model text with a clean and metaphor perspective.
Reviews how Clean Language has been used in research and interviewing and details the Minewater Project as an example