Category: Psychotherapy Counselling

Links to annotated demonstrations of Symbolic Modelling with Clean Language
How do experienced symbolic modellers use the information embedded in a client’s first words to guide the direction of a session?
"And what would you like to have happen now?" "I want to go back down the hole and pick up the dead bodies there." Bob's affect was at once intense and deeply sorrowful. What would you do next?
Introduces the 'lite' version of our general method. Published as Chapter 4 of 'Innovations in NLP'.
How facilitators calibrate when “it’s working” and when it’s not. Definitions, considerations, assumptions and an annotated transcript.
What difference does it makes to the potential for change when people truly accept their current reality from an authentic, deep and cellular state of being?
We investigate how attempts at solving a problem can sometimes perpetuate or exacerbate that problem or create another problem. When that happens, the attempted remedy is itself a problem.
Making use of metaphor in counselling and psychotherapy. Published in 'Therapy Today'.
An interview with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley by John Soderlund, editor, New Therapist 2003.
Using Clean Language to facilitate change through clients' metaphors. Published in Anchor Point
Describes four ‘prototypical binds’, defines ‘double binds’ and summarises a process for facilitating clients to transform their binds. First published in Rapport.
Problems exist within four realms. Each provide information guiding to a solution that is just right for the problem.