Category: Models & Theory

The history of the invaluable PRO model with explanatory diagrams.
Why model the timeframes, structures and evidence of a client’s desires?
A new way to model attention. Useful in coaching or therapy and many other areas. Published in 'Acuity'.
How to combine the three main phases of David Grove's work. Published in Acuity.
How excellent facilitators and therapists know how to navigate elegantly through a client’s information.
A six-stage model of how to benefit by utilising unexpexted, unpredictable and random events.
Once a space becomes psychoactive a person is ‘living in their metaphor’. A joined-up model of how David Grove's work invokes the psychoactivity of spatial relations in therapeutic and in other settings.
Do you make 'mountains out of molehills', or are problems just 'a drop in the ocean'? An article about scaling, how to model it, and what happens when you change the scale of things to come.
Describes four ‘prototypical binds’, defines ‘double binds’ and summarises a process for facilitating clients to transform their binds. First published in Rapport Issue 47, Spring 2000.