Category: David Grove

Reflections on David Grove's mastery published in Carol Wilson’s The Work and Life of David Grove: Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge
Answers to: 1. How long after you started modelling David Grove did you start training others?; 2. What were your main difficulties in modelling David Grove?
How to combine the three main phases of David Grove's work. Published in Acuity.
David Grove’s recent death has saddened people across the globe. Here is a selection of tributes to him. Published in Rapport 2008.
The first interview with therapeutic genius David Grove since 1996. Published in ReSource Magazine.
How David Grove's Clean Coaching using EK differs from conventional coaching. Published with Carol Wilson in The Model.
The history and principles of David Grove's Emergent Knowledge process. Published with Carol Wilson in ReSource.
Rare original source material of David Grove presenting his work with non-verbal behaviour and "pulling back" time.
A complete transcript of David Grove working with a 46-year-old female who was undergoing intensive chemotherapy for cancer. Comments by Rob McGavock.
A complete transcript of David Grove demonstrating the powerful healing capabilities of a redemptive metaphor. Comments by Rob McGavock.
Problems exist within four realms. Each provide information guiding to a solution that is just right for the problem.
Our first interview with David Grove, the creator of Clean Language. Published in Rapport.