I want the children to be alive

How we honoured and worked with a client’s desire for children who were killed during a rocket attack the night before to still be alive.

I am the Owner of my Head!

Working with a highly stable but unwanted symbol that has “the smell of hell” and spiritual aspects such as “soul” and a “previous life”.

From Pain to Calm Clear Sky

Even duing ongoing suffering, a valuable resource metaphor and several perspective-changing realisations emerge.

Coping with Un-safety

Demonstration of how to use the Problem-Remedy-Outcome (PRO) model to facilitate a client to identify and develop a rich embodied experience of a desired Outcome.

A Journey with Whales

A transcript of facilitating a client who is living through traumatic circumstances to develop a resource metaphor using Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling.

It’s about Time

Why it is vital to model the timeframes, structures and evidence of a client’s desires.

Getting to ‘it’

How do experienced symbolic modellers use the information embedded in a client’s first words to guide the direction of a session?

Deconstructing Feedback

This paper raises awareness of both the complexity of the feedback-giving process and the range of information that can be included in feedback.

The Clean Community

The clean community is a ‘community of practice’. Such communities are created by people gravitating to like-minded people who have a passion for something they do, the desire to learn how to do it better, and the motivation to interact regularly.

Symbolic Modelling Lite

Introduces the ‘lite’ version of our general method. Published as Chapter 4 of ‘Innovations in NLP’.

Accepting Acceptance

What difference does it makes to the potential for change when people truly accept their current reality from an authentic, deep and cellular state of being?

Clean Language Revisited

How our model of David Grove’s Clean Language has undergone revisions since our first article in 1997.