Setting up Clean Space

Attending more to the artistic aspects of Clean Space whihc contribute to the overall aim of encouraging conditions for creative emergence.

What is self-modelling?

A process whereby a person constructs a model of the way their system operates and in so doing provides feedback to the system from which it can learn.

Tracking where clients perceive from

An important question-to-self when modelling symbolically is: Where is the client perceiving from?. Tracking changes to the ‘point of perception’ is a sophisticated skill.

Analysing transcripts

How to model the pattern of facilitator/interviewer decisions from a session transcript.

The Other Therapeutic Relationship

As well as ‘the’ therapeutic relationship between client and facilitator, the relationship between the client and themselves is just as important.

Stochastic Tinkering

What drives most innovation, both of knowledge and technology? Making use of Nassim Nicholas Taleb ideas.

Ent-sprechen says it all

We do not ask clean questions so they are ‘answered’, in the traditional meaning of that word. We ask them to envoke Ent-sprechen:

Survival of the sickest Part 2

If we consider natural ‘selection’ as a ‘filter’, what criteria does the system use to filter changes? What does it let through and what does it prevent access to?

Robustness and Fragility Part 3

“After the crisis, people asked me what we should be doing. The logical conclusion is to stay as far away as possible from certain exposures that make you Black Swan prone.” NN Taleb.

Robustness and Fragility Part 2

“There is an environment that creates Black Swan problems; a man made environment that I call ‘extremistan’ … where the exception plays a very large role”. NN Taleb.