Breaking the ties

A client’s view of metaphor therapy
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The following is an example of a client achieving a number of outcomes following a single generative session using Grovian Metaphor Therapy with Dee Berridge and Caitlin Walker working in tandem on 5 March 1997.

When I came for the session I was very confused and upset over my relationship with my boyfriend who I’d been with the the past two years. He had asked me to move out of the flat we shared together and I was living temporarily with a girl friend, but I could only stay there for three more weeks. I needed to find a home for myself and I had very little money.

At the session, first of all I looked at “breaking the ties” with my boyfriend and that was difficult and upsetting, so we moved on to working out what I needed next. I was upset because I didn’t have a home and I felt that I couldn’t deal with the stuff with my boyfriend until I had a home. So we explored what “my home” might look like and I did a drawing of a room, and the “ties” with my boyfriend were on the outside of the room, not inside. I realised then that I could “take down the ties and put them away,” instead of “breaking” them which I didn’t feel ready to do yet.

Then I was left with the issue of money which was handled in four or five days after the session. And then I found my flat the day after I got the money and it looked exactly like the picture I had made in the session! I moved in within the three weeks time limit.

My boyfriend and I did get back together but I had come to realise that it was not right for me, and three months later I was ready to “break the ties” and finish the relationship, which I have now done. Hooray!!!

I think after that session I connected with a belief in the universe that I never connected with before. It came true — miraculously quickly. I was left reeling from it all slotting into place and I wasn’t doing anything other than being open to it!

Q. What metaphor or symbol best represents your progress so far?

A. I get an image of a nice, flat, smooth rock in my favourite colour; a big jade pebble with a flat bottom.

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