Category: Applications

A transcript of facilitating a client who is living through traumatic circumstances to develop a resource metaphor using Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling.
A review of the key dates in the development of the cleanness rating used in Clean Language Interviewing
How do experienced symbolic modellers use the information embedded in a client’s first words to guide the direction of a session?
Given Symbolic Modelling is an outcome orientated methodology, what if a client cannot identify a desired outcome?
When a client comes for coaching or therapy with a topic that presents a conundrum, what do you?
"And what would you like to have happen now?" "I want to go back down the hole and pick up the dead bodies there." Bob's affect was at once intense and deeply sorrowful. What would you do next?
Reviews developments in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive linguistics related to metaphor and how this might be relevant to a surgeon.
Introduces the 'lite' version of our general method. Published as Chapter 4 of 'Innovations in NLP'.
How facilitators calibrate when “it’s working” and when it’s not. Definitions, considerations, assumptions and an annotated transcript.
James Geary's personal reflections on metaphor and his first Symbolic Modelling session. First published in Ode Magazine.